decree "On the world»

Resolution, which was adopted after a couple of hours after the arrest of the Provisional Government, to solve the basic problems of the country at that time.This was the main problem of endless wars, draining the people more and more every day.That is why the decree "About the World" was the first decree adopted by the Soviet government.

new regulation proposed to make peace between the warring powers without any territorial claims and monetary obligations.LDTrotsky removed the secret agreements between Russia and allied countries, and published them to show good intentions of the Soviet government and dishonest military action.

As a result, the decree has not been adopted by other countries.In the negotiations came only Germany.However, the Brest-Litovsk, which m
anaged to conclude Lenin and Trotsky embodying annexations and indemnities.

decree "On the ground»

decree "On Land" declared all the land territory of the USSR nationwide.Private property was seized and the transition in the management of the peasant committees.And these committees shared the land into equal portions and distributed to the peasants.The decree also prohibited lease land and use hired labor.

decree "On Land" laid the foundation for the development of the land policy of the Soviet Union.The emergence of private property will take place only in 1993 after the adoption of the Constitution.

This resolution will serve not only for the benefit of poor farmers who, in their opinion, at that time have justice, but also allowed the new government to continue his political activities, almost as pleased as the general population were employed "redistribution" of land.

Other decrees 1917

addition to two of the first decrees were adopted and others not less important.

decree "On the Press" laid the foundation for the future of Soviet censorship, which in turn killed many talented poets, writers and musicians.However, there were decrees, which improves the lives of people.For example, the decree "On the eight-hour day," and the decree "On education".

also adopted a decree "On creation of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission."Initially, the Cheka had special powers, and led only investigative operations.However, gradually expanded the duties of the Cheka, and since 1918 "security officers" had the right to shoot all the enemies of the revolution on the spot.It is from this committee due so much blood during and after the Civil War.


The reform of Russian spelling was adopted a decree "On the introduction of the new spelling."On January 1, 1918 all editions, government and public, have been required to be published under the new rules of the Russian language.

decree, which was called "On the cancellation of the government loan," canceled all debts, taken from the Russian landlords and bourgeoisie.

Decree "On the introduction of Western European calendar" was adopted due to the fact that relations with Europe, there were inconveniences because of the different calculation days.This decree meant the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian.The church, which belonged to the rejection of the second, even after a decision has refused to accept the new calendar.