Where to serve?

Speaking about his attitude to the armed forces, Russian President Vladimir Putin has always stressed that he was born and raised in a family of front-line soldier.And because just can not show respect to the army of his country, not to help her in all possible ways.In the interview, Putin acknowledged that he become a military, like many boys dreamed of since childhood, mentally trying on the shoulder straps of the pilot, the sailor.Stopped, in the end, on a career intelligence officer. conscripts at the time were several well-known Russian politicians and senior officials.Among them -
Gennady Zyuganov, Kasyanov, Dmitry Kozak, Sergei Mironov, Vladislav Surkov and Igor Shuvalov.

For schoolboy dream come true yesterday is not afraid to even come to the reception of the Leningrad KGB and ask about the possibility to get into the state security organs.But I was told that to do so for at least two years to serve in the Soviet army.Another option for the 17-year old boy was to enter university military department, which trains lawyers or other professionals, sought the Committee of State Security.

from the university - school

proposed KGB officer simple choice of the future head of the agency has made in favor of the study.In 1970 Vladimir entered the law faculty of Leningrad University.But five years later the young lawyer was admitted to the secretariat of the Directorate of the KGB, became a lieutenant of state security.That, in principle, can be considered the beginning of the active military service.

by the State Security University graduate worked for 15 years.Having time for this time to finish the Moscow Higher School of the KGB of the country and to learn practical difficulties of working in counterintelligence and intelligence.Including the secret unit - the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service, who worked outside the Soviet Union, all over the world.

Putin and Dresden

Once, as a child dreamed of, a professional spy, Vladimir Putin continued his military education.After graduating from the Red Banner Institute named after one of his predecessors at the head of the KGB Yuri Andropov, he is aware of the German language, was in 1985 the direction of the GDR.New place of business is located, Vladimir Putin became the Dresden so-called intelligence point. In the German Democratic Republic of the Soviet counterintelligence officer Vladimir Putin raised twice in the post.What was thought to such a serious organization like the KGB of the USSR, analogue of "excellent."

For five years in East Germany, counterintelligence, Putin showed himself so well that he received the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Head of Department, and was awarded the military medal "For Distinguished Service to the National People's Army of the GDR."Another "servitor" round Putin began a career officer in the Russian times.

FSB director

In July 1998, Vladimir Putin, at that time one of the leaders of the St. Petersburg administration, received from President Boris Yeltsin's offer to lead the native Office.By the time once again renamed - the FSB, the Federal Security Service.A little later, and she became secretary of the Security Council of the country.However, it is a long time in the FSB colonel Putin has not stayed.In August of the following year he was appointed chairman of the Russian government.

the last day of the 98th Putin became acting president.Finally, March 26, 2000, he was first elected and the head of state.At the same time received concomitant post of Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Armed Forces of the country. only four Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, served in the army, - Viktor Chernomyrdin.In the late 1950s he was three years airfield equipment in one part of the Air Force.Boris Yeltsin, Medvedev avoided conscription. their leader Vladimir Vladimirovich, who retired as a colonel GB was even twice.The first time he held the post until May 7, 2008.In the second time was the commander of the entire Russian army in exactly four years.