There is a fun game - "Guess."It can be played in different ways.It can be as follows: one person out of the room, and the rest come up with a word, an object, an animal - anything - is the one who went out, came back and must guess by asking a series of leading questions.His short answer: yes or no.Yet it can play a different way: one person thinks of the word, and all the others ask questions.About who will be the next president, you can learn about as well.
can even easier: ask different fortune tellers, psychics and political scientists.The one whom most will point their finger, definitely will not be president.
Who will be the next president of Russia, answer a snap - the one who will appoint current President.Under the current political system in the next election in 2018 is likely to be Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who appointed himself and this, he said, but as always - "you will like."
Of course, the answer is not interesting that too predictable.It does not feel the intrigue, and a society that inspired nearly twenty years, he has freedom of choice and life in the country is based on a democratic rather than an authoritarian principle, intrigue somehow still feel like it.
why in the information space from time to time and there are different opinions on this and other presidential contenders.The first of these applicants has been named the 2012 Moscow political scientist Piontkovsky.In his opinion, this may be the current Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu
Some experts are predicting that candidate.So, one of the experts of the Yekaterinburg online publication summer of 2013 suggested that this may be the current mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.
attentive viewers of TV channels and news sites have recently made their assumptions.Some of them agree that the most likely next president will be to anyone is not yet known the young man, who, like himself at the time Vladimir Putin for BNYeltsin has followed his briefcase.
Psychics, fortune tellers and astrologers have not abandoned their attempts to give his "faithful" forecasts.For example, recently gathered famous Carpathian magicians - molfar - you were surprised that they dreamed.They turned out that Putin will not be re-elected in 2018, as will leave his post after two years.Prior to this change the Russian Constitution to limit the powers of the presidency.Elections will hold early, but predictably - on the recommendation of Putin's pick-nominate for president a man who is tall, but what is most surprising - not associated with the FSB, the KGB.
current liberal opposition will not play any role in the election of the next president, because by the time a large part of her leave Russia because of persecution, and the rest will be located either in custody or under investigation or have alreadyin conclusion.Therefore, neither Alexei Navalny nor Mikhail Khodorkovsky will not be able to qualify for election.
Who will be the next president?The intrigue of the presidency beyond doubt not only in Russia.In Russia, there are still some stability, because the president is not so elect, appoint a certain number of criteria are not, but a prerequisite.The most important of which - the unconditional loyalty of the previous president.In the US, for example, have never known who will win the election.Barack Obama is sincerely convinced that the next election could beat a woman, and then in America comes the era of the first woman president.Russia in the next twenty years, such a development is not threatened.