birth of fascism in Italy

period from 1918 to 1922.It has been very difficult for the country.Attempts to achieve success as a diplomat did not give the expected results, one failure followed another.Increases and internal conflicts within the opposition maturely discontent.The industry of the country was in a state of decline, prices have steadily increased.People impoverished catastrophic rates, transport almost worked.The country was shaken endless rallies, marches and strikes.In rural areas, it was also very restless, peasants and then attacked the landlords everywhere uprisings.

In 1919 in Italy the organization was establi
shed, called "Fascio di kombattimento" - "League of Struggle."Its ideological father was one of the leaders of the socialist - Benito Mussolini.Thus, Italy is increasingly approaching revolution.The bourgeoisie knew that he could not keep the situation under control, the risk of losing everything was very great.

In August-September 1920, the workers began to seize the factories.Leftists called the people to the social revolution.In the end, the authorities had to promise to conduct reforms in the country, the company returned to former owners.

Against the background of the fact that the Socialist Party to take their positions, increased the activity of far-right.They raided offices of trade unions, beat political opponents in the country began fascist terror.The bourgeoisie needed a strong hand that fear and terror would have suppressed the revolutionary mood in society.October 28, 1922 this force was brought to power, it was headed by Benito Mussolini.The working class was not sufficiently united and organized to resist totalitarianism.

collapse of fascism in Italy, the death of the dictator Mussolini

Italian fascism was based on the ideas of war.Mussolini, Hitler hoped to help to create an empire.The masses instilled the cult of force and unquestioning obedience.People are indoctrinated the idea of ​​belonging to a race of superhumans Italians.

Thirties in Italy marked by wars with Spain, Ethiopia, Albania, Greece and France.Speaking on the German side, the country got involved in World War II.The main reason for the arrival of the Nazis came to power, the effects of the First World War - unemployment, dissatisfaction with the low standard of living of people.

Italian Fascism collapsed in 1943.April 28, 1945 mutilated corpse of Benito Mussolini was hanged upside down by partisans, and then thrown into the gutter.After all the misfortunes of the founder of Italian Fascism body was buried in an unmarked grave in a field for the poor.