It is essential that every citizen of the state, along with the responsibilities, have the right to.Inalienable, belonging to him since birth.Just because he is a man and a citizen of this state.The rights that had no one (including senior officials) can not take away.

Why do it?First of all, to a person not feel like tiny insignificant "cog" in the vast and powerful state machine, which depends nothing.A man who knows that he has inalienable rights, takes for granted that he is a person.Do not "screw" is not a faceless p
ipsqueak in the same faceless biomass, namely the free personality, rights which no one dares to violate or limit.

These people clearly know what and to what extent the state can demand of them, and where begins lawlessness and arbitrariness.Therefore, they can defend themselves and their rights violated, and to help others to defend them.They will not treat with indifference to mistakes and wrong actions of the authorities, even the highest level and will require their correction.Thereby possibly saving them from the corruption of power, and their country - from big trouble.

Unfortunately, the whole course of Russian history was intended to suppress the identity muffle her self-esteem and initiative.Trite expression: "What, you most want?" Or "Do not put out!" Eloquently about this.Manifestation of "individualism" was considered unworthy business, damning society.From this we must resolutely get rid of!If the citizens of Russia will take a proactive stance, will be ready to resolutely defend their rights, not considering himself "cogs", our company will have a chance to make a difference.