term "federal stateĀ»

Federated - a complicated complex state consisting of two or more public entities, or full-fledged states, are called subjects of the federation.They do not have a single name and each may be referred federation differently.For example, land, field, states, cantons, etc.

When you combine all members of the federation form a completely new state, and some of their own powers pass general federal authorities.This limited the sovereignty of the entities of the federation.

Division of powers between the authorities of the federation and its subjects is fixed in a special agreement (federal contract) or in the constitution.It turns out that in the Federa
tion, there are two systems of government: federal subjects, who have the right to decide and dismantle the remaining issues in their jurisdiction, as well as federal, whose decisions apply to all members of the federation.

laws in a federal state is also divided into two types.First - federal, binding on all subjects.The second - the laws of the member federations, functioning only on the territory of the entity bodies which they have been adopted.It is extremely important that the laws of the subjects of the federation is fully consistent with the law and did not include them in the conflict and in no way contradicted.The supreme law of the federation is the constitution and all other laws are formed on its basis.

for the Federation is characterized by a single currency, but dual citizenship as a citizen of the subject of federation is also a citizen of the whole federation as a whole.

in standard and typical of the federation all its subjects have the same rights and are unable to make their own decision to withdraw from the union.

modern federal state

To date, there are 25 federal states, which are located in different parts of the globe.

Federated States of Asia: Pakistan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, India, Iraq.

Federated States of Europe: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Switzerland.

Federated States of Africa: Sudan, the Union of Comoros, Ethiopia, Nigeria.

Federated States Australia and Oceania: Australia, Micronesia.

Federated States of America: Argentina, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, United States, Brazil, the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis.