Make text of the telegram in capital letters, clearly and legibly.In the words of a pass to leave two spaces.Use telegram telegraphic language that excludes the use of prepositions, conjunctions and punctuation marks.Necessary punctuation replaced by the letter abbreviations: comma - PTA point - Access point, brackets - CSC, quotes - EHF.Such signs as +, -,!, №,?,%, And other written words, no abbreviations.To indicate the dates in Arabic numerals with the sequence of day, month, year, since the gaps between the figures should be put.
Fill in the address of the telegram.If the point where t
he telegram is addressed, is telegraphy, it states: the index, the name of the field, the name of the district, the name of the village, street, house and the name of the recipient.If there is no telegraph, then it specifies only the area, region, location and name of the recipient of the telegram.There are a number of rules for writing some words about.Use abbreviations in these words: body - "Corp." Building - "p", the street - "street", the apartment - "square" house - "d".Moreover, the word house or "e" sometimes before the number is not specified.Fully written in a telegram words such as area, region, village, travel, avenue, road, alley, block, boulevard, and others.The telegram can be sent in addition to the full address, a shorter address to a PO Box, demand for e-mail field, to the river and sea vessels, the number receiving the telegram.
Enter the address and the name of the sender.This part of the telegram to pay for unnecessary and it will not be transmitted by telegraph.
Give the completed form telegram telegraph operator, which counts its cost, and pay to send the telegram.