for divorce

Putin made his statement after watching the ballet "Esmeralda" at the State Kremlin Palace.The Russian public was very surprised by this revelation of Russian President and his wife Ludmila.It is very rare when the first pair of the country to leave.Lyudmila press hurried to explain the reason for this decision.She said that she and her husband for a long time is different life, Vladimir Vladimirovich on the debt is not at home, they are practically not seen.Children have long been grown and were sympathetic to such a decision of their parents.Do not left that for which it would be possible to save the marriage. Lyudmila Putin said that they held a "civilized divorce".There were quarrels, swearing, the carve-up of the property.

reasons for divorce

Lyudmila Putin made no public person,
it is a rare guest on television.Besides frequent flights for her complex.And they are an integral part of the President's schedule.First Lady Lyudmila was about 9 years old, she was definitely tired of the constant attention, surveillance, criticism.Putin said that they are proud of their children, who in turn received a good education and live in Russia.They often gather together.Lyudmila Putin, the President expressed his gratitude for those years, for the assistance to this day support.Their marriage lasted 30 years. In light of this happy union came two lovely daughters Maria and Ekaterina.Once the couple will now just good friends.

be the wife of the president - an honorable and at the same time a difficult mission.It's safe to say that Lyudmila Putina to cope with it.She was always there with her husband, kept him in the period when he was an unknown young man.In many respects the merit of women that her husband was able to achieve such heights and take the post of president.

At last time the couple saw the Putin at the inauguration of the president May 7, 2012.But on the Easter service at Moscow's Christ the Savior there was one president, in turn, Medvedev was his wife.Then even rumors of rift in family relations Lyudmila and Vladimir Putin, and about whether they will divorce.

Alleged reasons for divorce

media could not touch this topic.Steel speculated about the cause of the divorce Putin.We can not affect information about supposedly novel president and Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics - Alina Kabaeva.Journalists in the proof brought together images of the president and the athletes.Of course, official information on this matter no one gives, so you have to guess only about the truth of the novel.