The bill does not provide for participation in the elections of self-nominated candidates.Become a potential head of capital may only candidates who were nominated by parties or their regional offices.In addition, the candidate must be supported by at least 10% of deputies of representative bodies of local self-government and not less than 75% have elected heads of municipalities.The maximum term of office of the newly elected mayor is limited to two consecutive terms.
Compared with those rules, which are set out in the new law on elections, which the o
utgoing president Dmitry Medvedevsigned May 2, 2012, the Moscow regional law dictates a stricter rules.Federal law permits self-promoted to the election of the governor's office, and the interest of his deputies or supported (i) the elected mayors limits of 5 and 10%.
Under federal law, only in accordance with these requirements, candidates will be approved for consultation talks with the president, whose verdict will be decisive in approving their candidacies to participate in the next elections.
is planned that the second reading of the law will be reviewed at the end of the first decade of June 2012, after it will be a number of amendments.So far, in addition to the requirements for the candidates, the draft law provides for the right of residents of the city, not only to choose their mayor, but to withdraw him from his post in the manner and on the grounds, which are stipulated in federal and city laws.
The bill specified the reasons for which the powers of the mayor may be terminated early.These include: death, resignation on their own, removal from office by the President, the expression of no confidence on the part of the Moscow City Duma deputies, recognition incapable by the courts, criminal prosecution, or the mayor's departure abroad for permanent residence.Reviewed mayor from office by the decision of Muscovites decided to pay a tenth of the reasons for loss of office.
developers of the draft law and the Moscow City Duma deputies expect that the amendments to the City Charter shall enter into force on 1 July 2012, but no earlier than the day when they will be officially published in the mass media.