There are many ways in which you can "read a person like a book."Some of them are more or less simple, for the development of other prilozhit need a lot of time.You can use the method that you like it more or combine different.
Reading non-verbal body language, facial expressions and gestures.For information on how to learn to read the thoughts and feelings
of others by facial expressions and gestures, you can read in the popular bestseller by Alan and Barbara Pease, "Body LanguageĀ»: .
Reading in the face (physiognomy).Determining the nature of facial features - this ancient knowledge, which was initially available only to the elect, and was part of the occult sciences.Books on physiognomy quite a lot, look, for example, selection:
Well, as entertainment at leisure, you can make a sketch of a man using digital physiognomy ( ).

This computer program determines the nature and amounts to a psychological portrait of a man.
definition of a person's character by the handwriting (graphology) will help you to "read" a person's character, even if you have never seen in the eyes.If you would like to learn to identify the traits of human handwriting, you might be interested in the book "The handwriting and personality. A method of determining the nature of the handwriting," known in the past, an expert graphologist D.Zueva-Insarov.( http: // ... )
definition of the nature of man's hand (palmistry) not only allowyou "read" people, but also to recognize the past and the future of man.Download a book on palmistry, you can link: .
certain type of person on the aura.The book Pamaly Osley "All of the aura. Secret color code of success and happiness," you will find a description of how their aura colors and the colors of the aura surrounding people - .
"Reading" a man using a mixed technique: body language, reading and reading the face of the human aura.

How to learn, you will learn from the book Rose Rouztri "body language, the aura of a person."

Link: .It is worth noting that this method not only combines the reading of body language and facial expressions, the human aura, but it is also very easy to use.
Psycho people also describes a science socionics.So, in the book "The types of people: 16 personality types" Otto Kroger and Janet Tewson describes personality types of people.Knowledge of these 16 types will help you understand the causes and motives of other people, as well as to understand themselves - for example, to determine the susceptibility to any profession.Link to the book:
And, of course, the science of the soul of man - psychology.

very useful - at least for the purpose of self-education - reading books both in theory and in practical psychology.For example, in the book Arcadia Egides "How to learn to understand people," explains the basic human psycho - "paranoid psycho", "Epileptoid", "isteroid", "gipertim" and "schizoid".Do not be confused by the name of psycho-strong people.The book is written in accessible, interesting and ironic form, it extends understanding of the basic types of people.Link: .