What question was put to a referendum

the ballot was proposed only one question: "Do you support the proclamation of state independence of Lugansk (or Donetsk) People's Republic?ยป

results of the referendum in Ukraine

results of the referendum on the status ofLugansk and Donetsk regions were announced the next day, May 12, at the nationwide rallies.Over independence Luhansk region were slightly more than 96% of voters, the Donetsk region - about 89%.

According to the Central Election Commission, the turnout was high.Thus, portions of the Donbas accounted for over 70% of voters, and in the Luhansk region - about 80%.Organizers recognized the referendum valid.

What will referendum Ukrainians

According to the results of a part of Ukraine should appear two new entity, which will be formed organs of military and ci

vilian authorities, independent from Kiev.

Will recognized the referendum in the east of Ukraine other countries

Kiev and Western countries have already announced that the results of the referendum will not be recognized by them.The new Ukrainian authorities have complained that virtually no referendum in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions was conducted.

According to them, in several areas of the Lugansk region in general has not been opened, no polling stations, as the locals unanimously opposed the illegal referendum: they believe that Ukraine should remain united and unitary.

European Union not to recognize the results of the referendum, considering it illegal.Europe has long been no secret that he supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.According to Western politicians, a referendum can lead to further strengthening of the conflict.

UK authorities even called the referendum in the east of Ukraine "unfortunate event".States and Japan also did not recognize the results of the referendum.The Japanese believe that he had no democratic legitimacy.

What does Russia think about the referendum in Ukraine

Russia did not send observers to the referendum in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.The Russian leader is in no hurry to assess the event.His attitude towards the referendum, Vladimir Putin decided to make after the results are known.

However, he had previously advised supporters of federalization postpone the referendum at a later time.However, his opinion was not heeded.