Tip 1: What is the penalty for libel

Slander - is the spread of false information discrediting the honor, dignity or business reputation of a person.The last few years, due to the tendency to mitigate penalties for offenses not related to the category of very serious, defamation is no longer considered a criminal offense.

earlier for libel could occur only administrative responsibility in the form of a fine, and its size was very small.This is often used by unscrupulous journalists, bloggers, all kinds of gossip that whether for profit, whether in favor of the rich imagination of people spread about the most absurd and insulting rumors, accusations, not bothering to check the information and evidence.

Now the State Duma adopted a law on the return of the article on defamation in the Criminal Code.Initially, as a punishment, along with fines and community service, it was envisaged even imprisonment up to 3 years.But as a result of this measure, we decided to give up.Now, the maximum possible punishment for defamation - a fine of up
to 5 million rubles.Of course, this upper limit will be used only in the most serious cases.

According to the law, the dissemination of false rumors, staining the honor, dignity and business reputation of a person is punishable by a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles.If such slander was made in the presence of strangers (ie, public speaking), or by the media authority, the amount of the fine may be increased to 1 million rubles.Well, in that case, if the accuser used his position, the penalty may be increased up to 2 million rubles.

Some species are estimated slander even stricter.For example, about a man intentionally spread false information that he allegedly suffers from dangerous infectious diseases.Or falsely accused of sexual assault.Naturally, it is because of this will be a lot of problems at work and in their personal lives.It is easy to imagine what a moral damage and health risks.Therefore, the penalty for libel provided a very large - up to 3 million rubles.Well, if the accuser wrongly accused person of a crime relating to particularly serious, the size of the fine will increase to 5 million rubles.

The law also provides penalties for defamation against a judge, juror, an investigator or a bailiff in the proceedings in the court, or the conduct of the preliminary investigation or enforcement of the judgment.Depending on the severity of slander amount of the fine will be from 1 million to 2 million rubles.

Tip 2: How can the fine for libel

At the initiative of the newly elected President Vladimir Putin, Federation Council decided to re-introduce legislation punishing defamation.New libel law does not provide for imprisonment, but allows you to impose on businesses and individuals huge fines and, if necessary, to bring the perpetrators to correctional labor.
As can be fined for defamation

for spreading false information that a person accused of committing a grave or especially grave crimes, will impose a fine of up to 5 million rubles.This is ten times higher than the previously applied sanctions.

false information that offend the honor and dignity of a citizen or undermine his reputation, will be punished by a fine of 500 thousand rubles.For public slander contained in the speech, the media, or sell the product, a fine will be much higher and will amount to 1 million rubles.If, however, used his official position defamation, the penalty will amount to 2 million rubles.

maximum fine will be imposed for false information, which contains information about the presence of diseases that are dangerous to others and for the prosecution of a crime of a sexual nature.In this case the amount of the fine will be from 3 to 5 million rubles.

slandering the judge, prosecutor, jury, investigator, court bailiffs, will be punished by a fine of up to 2 million rubles.During the preliminary investigation, false information, were addressed to the said persons shall be punished by a fine of 1 million rubles.If you committed the same acts and officials accused of committing serious or especially serious crimes, the size of the penalty is equal to 5 million rubles.

If you are unable to pay the fine or lack of income or assets, through which you can pay the fine, the accused can be attracted to correctional labor camp for up to 480 hours.

main objective of the newly adopted law - to make defamation a criminal offense, rather than an administrative offense.During the discussion of the law sparked much controversy.Opponents believe that without judicial reform law will be used for the benefit of officials and may be a cause for reprisals.

Vladimir Pozner on his website wrote that in today's Russia is a new article could be used against the political opposition.For example, if Mr. Navalny directly stated that "United Russia" - the party of crooks and thieves, he could be brought to justice, as proved in the near future he will not.