official beginning of the Cold War, historians believe it Churchill in March 1946, in which he invited all the Western countries to declare war on communism.
After the speech, Churchill, Stalin publicly warned US President Truman about the dangers of such allegations and the possible consequences.

expansion of Soviet influence on Europe and the Third World

Perhaps the emergence of this kind of war was due to the strengthening of the role of the USSR in the continent and in the world after victory in World War II.The Soviet Union at that time actively participated in the UN Security Council, to which they had a big impact.All countries have witnessed the forces of the Soviet army, the values ​​of the spirit of the Russian peop
le.The US government is seen as a growing sympathy of many countries to the Soviet Union, they bow to the merits of its army.USSR, in turn, did not trust the United States because of the nuclear threat.

Historians believe that the main root cause of the Cold War was the US desire to crush the growing power of the Soviet Union.By increasing the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union in Europe is slowly but surely spreading communism.Even in Italy and France, a greater impact and began to receive the support of the Communist Party.Economic devastation in European countries generally put things people thinking about the correct position of communism, of the equal distribution of wealth.

This is what led America into a powerful horror: the most powerful and wealthy of the Second World War, they came out, so why not ask for help from the United States.Therefore, policies have been developed first Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine then, that would help liberate the country from the communist parties and devastation.The struggle for European countries - that's one of the reasons for conducting the Cold War.

not only Europe was the aim of the two powers, their Cold War affected the interests of the Third World, not openly adjoined to any of the countries.The second prerequisite is a Cold War struggle for influence in Africa.

arms race

arms race - one of the reasons for, and then one of the stages of the Cold War.United States hatched a plan about how to reset to the Union 300 nuclear bombs - their main weapon.The Soviet Union, do not want to submit to the US by the 1950s had their own nuclear weapons.That's when they have left the Americans a chance to use its nuclear forces. in 1985 to power in the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev came, which sought to end the Cold War.Through his actions the Cold War was ended.

In the 60 years of the USSR and the United States signed agreements to waive testing of weapons on the Denuclearization of the spaces, etc.