necessary to account for the fact that the vast majority of EU countries opposed to the entry of Ukraine into it.Even Turkey, has long been a major trading partner of the EU and wishing to join it, hardly ever wait for such a proposal.It is no coincidence, some Western politicians with a bit of cynicism say that Ukraine may join the European Union immediately after the entry of Turkey into it.That is - never.

The economic consequences of Ukraine's accession to the European Union

And yet what will turn to Russia such entry, if it ever takes place?At the end of June 2014, Ukraine signed the European Union Association Agreement with the EU.Note that the association with the EU - is not joining the European Union, and the establishment of a c
loser political and economic ties.It should be noted that the agreement on association with the EU pushes Ukraine truly onerous conditions - not accidentally ousted president Viktor Yanukovych at the time refused to sign the agreement.For example, in the text there is a point, according to which Ukraine will not be allowed to sell meat, lard, butter and milk produced in the households.This means that the Ukrainians, and Russians will lose the Ukrainian natural products.Very soon the people of Ukrainian villages, in practice, will feel that they have brought the association with the EU.

And these things very much.If an agreement is still to be signed, Ukraine will automatically lose the Russian market - not least because that Ukraine will have to act European rules and standards, including the purely technological.For the majority of enterprises in Ukraine, focused on the Russian market, it will be a real disaster.Nothing good will and it is not Russia, as it was at the Ukrainian enterprises produced a large number of necessary Russian products.For example, most of the engines fitted to the Russian helicopters, made it to Ukraine.Even now Russia has to urgently increase the production of helicopter engines in their enterprises.

That rupture of relations with industrial enterprises of Ukraine to Russia will be the most painful moment.In fact, to replace their own Ukrainian industrial production, it may take more than one year.

Political aspects of Ukraine's accession to the EU

If Ukraine joins the EU or receive a different status, facilitating rapprochement with Europe, to Russia, one of the most negative aspects can be followed by the entry of Ukraine into NATO and the approach of the troops of the military unit directly to Russianborders.And although after the return of the Crimea to Russia the prospect does not look so dangerous, it is still very unpleasant.Therefore, Russia is trying to do its utmost to minimize the possible negative consequences of the rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU.