Election s headquarters are formed of persons who gave their consent to keep the nominated deputy.Their work begins even before launched the election campaign.The main burden on headquarters falls exactly at the time of this company, and the elections for several weeks until they are declared official rezultaty.V depending on weight headquarters and elections, there may be a network of local and regional headquarters s whoheaded by the central election headquarters .Their structure is highly centralized, and all of its links are in strict hierarchical subordination.Although, of course, it
is built taking into account the human and qualification of the resource that is available.Duties of members headquarters but mainly allocated on the basis of preferences, experiences and of the informal position of authority that exists in humans within its sostav.Kak Typically, each headquarters headed by one man - his head.The core group that takes the tactical and strategic decisions on their own responsibility, small - 5-7 people.The total number of members of the electoral headquarters of
and can be significant - it includes the campaign and ad group, who work with the public and disseminate promotional materials, working to create a positive image of their kandidata.Esli the structure, objectives and duties of election headquarters sall more or less clear, the legal status of these organizations are still not clearly defined.Since the institution of the political election associated with the freedom of expression in Russia is still in its formative stage, it is not legally formalized the concept of pre-election headquarters but not spelled out the rights of its members.Not very clear what the legal consequences are the statements that some members of the election headquarters of s candidates are doing on their behalf.Besides, it is not defined responsibility for the "dirty" methods of political struggle, which are used by members of election headquarters s different candidates in the fight for votes.It is frustrating, falling under the impact of propaganda techniques used by election headquarters s political rivals, it must be critical of the fact that he was trying to impose.Responsible citizenship is the ability to make their own choices based on unbiased analysis of the political situation and the current situation.