What is the system of collective security

collective security system - a joint action of all countries included in it to support peace in the world, as well as the suppression of aggression.This system includes several components.

First, it is based on the generally accepted principles of international law, of which the most important are recognized claims of the inviolability of borders and territorial integrity of all States, as well as the fact that you can not interfere in others' internal affairs, especially by force.

Secondly, it is collective action by all member states of the system, against the acts of aggression and threats to peace.Third, it is disarmament measures, and, ideally, bring all States to complete disarmament.

collective security system are entitled to perform acts of armed measures aimed at something to calm aggression.

European collective security system: history and modernity

At various times in Europe, there have been attempts to create different system of collective security, and at the moment the most serious of them can be regarded as the formation of the United Nations, which refers to global systems.

In recent decades, after two devastating world wars and the invention is extremely effective weapon of mass destruction, the need to create a collective security system got more than ever.

first theoretical projects to an international system of collective security were proposed in the 18th century, and since then the ideas are constantly being improved, but "eternal peace" does not occur.

In 1919 the League of Nations was established, which was to become a collective security system.But she has from the outset been a flaw: the system does not have a mechanism to fight against aggression.The Second World War demonstrated the inadequacy of the system.

after her in 1945 was created the United Nations.It was taken into account the sad features of activity of the previous system of collective security.Currently, the UN is able to really become the basis for an effective security system.Activities of the United Nations, under the statute should be based on regional organizations to peacekeeping.It was assumed that this problem can be solved in a simple way.

attempts to create a system of collective security based on the UN undertaken for many decades.Mutual claims of European countries to each other, and in many respects, tensions with the Soviet Union, were constantly stumbling block in many areas, which have not managed to agree.

In 1973, in Helsinki, held a meeting on security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE).They discussed the views of 35 countries to create a system of collective security.In 1975, agreements have been reached are not a number of issues.In 1991, it was decided to establish a "mechanism of the CSCE for the settlement of disputes."Since then, meetings and negotiations will not stop, but a new system of collective security in Europe, meeting the requirements put forward to it, it does not yet exist.