multinational and strong center

Any centralized state is the main distinguishing feature - a strong central authority.Otherwise it would be impossible to control all territories within the country.Earth in a united state law and economically unified space.

for a centralized state power is a characteristic type of monarchy At centralization, that is gathering around the center of the land, it has an absolute character.Centralized state, as a large unit is a part of smaller parts, namely -district, region, county, etc.However, they do not have independence.

It is said that for the emergence of a centralized state any necessary assumptions.In particular, a powerful unifying factor is national unity.It is a mistake to think that the state complied with t
he interests of only one dominant nationality.By law, none of the nations living in the country should not be infringed upon in the interests and rights.

Signs of a centralized state

There are a number of features that can be determined that the state is centralized.

First, it is created in the uniform state public authorities.The task of the center to provide all citizens of public services in a single mode.

Secondly, a characteristic feature of the centralized state is the possibility of migration of the inhabitants of the country.

Third, the process of centralization in such a state go hand in hand with the economic development of the country.

Fourth, in a state with a single center preserved the equality of all its inhabitants, even if it is the millions.

Fifth, centralized state is not the autonomy of local authorities.Thus, the central government enforces the authoritarian regime of control by sending his henchmen to the field.Provinces can not legislate and make laws within its territory.
In turn, the central authority in such State shall assume all sorts of obligations to ensure residents of the need for good acts as a guarantor of their freedom and independence, takes the commitment to the fight against crime.

It is said that in the modern world like state in its pure form is almost non-existent, since it does not in compliance with all the principles of centralization.It can exist only in a military-political regime.In another called unitary centralized state.Examples of such states are France, Uzbekistan, Asia.