word "citizen" is used by each person a little if not daily, but often it does not embed any sense, and sometimes it does is pronounced in a joking manner.In fact, the word and the concept is very important, and many of them take their roots in ancient times.For example, in ancient Rome, the so-called could only senior members of society.With the passage of times and changes in the concept of human thinking has lost its former importance and priority, but, nevertheless, has not become less significant.Most often in the modern world it is used in greeting or inspirational speeches or, unfortunately, during the court proceedings.

legal meaning of the word "citizen»

From a legal point of view, the word "citizen" means, first of all, that the person is a
full citizen of the country has a number of advantages over foreigners on its territory, in addition, it is entrusted with and certainobligations - payment of taxes, compliance with the rules of law.

to the constitutional obligation of citizens of Russia are such as respect for the law and rights of other citizens, caring for the younger and the older generation of the state, payment established by relevant regulations of the tax, basic education, protection of the Fatherland and the protection of its cultural and natural resources and wealth.

patriotic meaning of the term "citizen»

addition to the right to live in a country citizenship also means the existence of patriotism - respect for the history of the state, its cultural values ​​and traditions, honoring the memory of their ancestors and love for their land, a country with oneword - homeland.

Learning to be a patriot and have similar feelings about their place of birth and residence can not.It is important to understand what it means to be part of a great power, one of its small grains, which is the foundation of the state.Attach these feelings and concepts in human thinking of is impossible.The feeling of patriotism instilled from the first day of life, absorbed new knowledge on the lessons of history, with an understanding of how great things were accomplished ancestors and what they had great victories were won with the name on the lips of the motherland.

Which of his contemporaries can be considered a citizen of the Russian

In today's world citizenship is defined not only as a legal concept.In order to be a full citizen of the society is not enough to live in Russia, you have to be an active participant in her social life, well-known history of the state and be able to adequately assess the situation there at the moment.Many Russians negative attitude towards those of their compatriots who are seeking the right to live in another country, along with Russian citizenship, considering such an act a sign of a lack of patriotism, and hence the love for their homeland, its roots, or as an attempt to prepare the way to the discharge ofin case of serious problems in its territory.And something true patriots, of course, right.