emergence of policy - is due to objective reasons, historically natural process.A man living in a small tribe, every day come into a terrible fight with the world of wildlife.Submitting to the will of the leader, the distant ancestor of modern man was supposed to solve the primary task - to survive.

When people learned to raise cattle, sow grain and build a robust housing, the quality of life has reached a new level.Now people are no longer massively die in the hunt, all have enough to eat, and even appeared surplus.The ruling circles tried not only to increase their wealth, but also to consolidate the right to use them.The desire to possess material goods and is one of the first prerequisite
s of policy.

Another reason for complicating the management structure in the ancient world was the threat of war.Often after a natural disaster tribe lost most of the livestock and crops.To feed themselves, people attacked the other tribes.And the threat of bankruptcy has prompted leaders to join in tribal alliances to jointly confront the enemies.But when combined, none of the ancient rulers did not want to lose their own power and privilege, and therefore it was necessary to take a number of favorable conditions, in which the creation of the union will happen.So the structure of society gradually became more complicated, and the leaders began to learn the art of negotiation in order to protect the interests of the tribe and to convince the allies to their cause.

new round of development policy was the appearance of the first cities.The term "policy" is translated from the Greek as a policy, iecity.For the organization of a stable life in the cities it has been strong enough hand leader.There are new social problems require the separation of powers, asone person is physically could not control all spheres of society.These and other factors have contributed to the emergence of the first laws, the guarantor of the execution which was the head of the city.

rulers usually were opponents who wanted to take his place.But if in a primitive tribe would become the leader of a person caused to fight the current ruler and beat him in antiquity such issues is not resolved by force.It was necessary to rally supporters, to convince the public of the need to change and take a number of measures for the authorities.These terms and stimulated the development of policy.