desire to come to the polls, the Russians lost because from year to year at the helm are the same people conducting the same policy.And the opposition, lose their fervor in the battle for at least one more seat in the Duma or regional Legislative Assembly, too, has very few people inspires confidence.Emerging from time to time the policy was still far from the people with their extraordinary or, conversely, to the mundane yawning programs.Yes, and not to the people they treat, and civil society.Chimera, which exists only in the fevered minds of those who are trying out young so early to put together a society, enforcing its electoral politics not joined the party (movement) - not passed the session and lost his job.Do not go to the polls - lost
, he did not, voted "vrazhin."

And in fact, civil society should consist of people deliberately going to the polls in order to thereby express their civil position.However, the real power that can resist to lawlessness, dissolved at all levels of government, not now.Therefore, as the candidate "against all" has long been deleted from the ballot papers, the percentage of voter turnout has been steadily and continuously adjusted downward.It turns out that the elections - this is also a chimera?Or is it only in our country is carried out in the life of such a policy in which the individual citizen can not solve anything, unless you join the crowd (not the people, and certainly not the public) who advocate for a party or candidate?A crowd - because few cast their vote really versed in the programs (not election, but real) of those whose names appear on the ballot.

In Western countries, the most famous old Constitution, in the foreground is not the individual, but on the programs of the parties, the number of which is limited and reduced to a minimum.Europe learned a bitter lesson: it is known what ended the political mess in the first half of the XX century.In the US and UK in this respect all regulated once and for all: the two parties - either-or - none of them is not the ultimate truth.And, therefore, there is a chance to power in the next time will come another, equally imperfect, but seeing the political course of the country with a few different positions.Supported thus balance in government policy allows these countries to somehow cope with the growing protest, which - alas - is inevitable even in the most law-abiding society.

So, the choice is, of course, necessary.At least the illusion that everything can still change for the better this time, so in the next.But as long as our country is not really worthy of the opposition, represented by one or two parties with a clear and realistic program objectives, the problem of civil society and democratic legitimacy and remains unresolved.