According to the current in the United States legislation, the president is elected together with the vice-president for the term of 4 years with the help of two-stage elections.In this conjunction candidates for senior positions of the state pass all stages of the electoral process.

are indirect elections for president and vice-president of the electoral college vote, appointed by the Legislative Assembly of each State.States define their electors through universal suffrage.Voting of electors - the procedure is quite formal, but in history there have been cases when some electors did not vote as promised at the time of their election.

voting on candidates for the post of both the state occur separately.To be elected, a candidate must gain more than half of the electoral votes, the number of which currently stands at 538 people.If no candidate receives an absolute majority, the president and vice president elected by the House of Representatives or the Senate of those candidates who have the greatest number of electoral votes, as the country's constitution.

next, 57th in a row the US presidential election will be held November 6, 2012 As reported by RIA "Novosti", the midterm elections (primaries), carried out in some states, suggest that the greatest chances to become the candidate of the Republican Party is MittRomney.Compete with him, obviously, will be the current President Barack Obama, whose position is strong enough to lead with confidence in the US Democratic Party.These opinion polls say that the voices of Americans were distributed almost equally, so that the political race promises to be very hot at the final stage.The main topic of discussion will be the election of the economic situation in the United States.

Regardless of who becomes the new head of state, inauguration of the new president's office (inauguration) will be held January 20, 2013.