parliamentary institutions of the Russian Federation

Parliament of the Russian Federation, called the Federation Council and consists of two chambers - the upper and lower.The lower house - the State Duma - the elected body, and the upper house - the Federation Council - composed of representatives from each subject of Russia.To the subjects are area region, autonomous republic or an autonomous region within the Russian Federation.From each of these subjects of elected and appointed members of the Federation Council - one man for the legislative (representative) and executive bodies of state power in these regions, only 2 persons.

order in which formed the Federation Council is governed by a separate state law, which is called "On the procedure of forming the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation."According to this law, representatives of the legislative body of each region are in the process of election for a term of the organ from which they had been nominated.But representatives of the executive authorities in the Federation Council are appointed by the head of the subject, which they will present.Their term of office in this case is limited to the term of office of the head of the region.

What is the responsibility of the Federation Council

Federation Council - tracing from such Western authority, the Senate, certain tasks in front of him is not necessary, the main activity is the adoption of laws adopted by the State Duma, before they will be directed toPresident for signature.For those laws that require mandatory approval of the Federation Council, mainly related regulations governing the budget, taxes, public finances, as well as issues of hostilities and a peaceful settlement.

without the approval of the Federation Council can not be changed between the border regions.His approval is mandatory in the case when the President wants to impose a state of emergency, and that when the question about the use of the Armed Forces outside the territory of the country.The Federation Council also appointed for the presidential elections and may initiate his dismissal in the case where the declared impeachment after the President were charged.The powers of this body by the President to appoint as judges of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Arbitration Court, and the appointment and dismissal of the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the Accounting Chamber and the composition of the auditors working in it.