Despite the fact that almost 90% of the population of indigenous people, illusory opportunity to get a residence permit and then apply for citizenship yet have permanent residence in the country for 10 years.And some categories of people it is possible to accelerate the availability of citizenship.


Austria not abandon its citizens in the ranks of people with high financial solvency living on income from deposits and investments, not necessarily placed on the territory of the country.Large investors that have invested in the economy of a federal state, or EUR 8 million patrons who sacrificed 2 million euros to the Austrian charity in one year may receive citizenship.

professionals of international renown

Undoubtedly, these people raised the prestige of the state.Prominent scientists, artists, businessmen, athletes can easily obtain a residence permit, which is renewed annually.Even after 6 years of residence in the country, they can become full-fledged citizens.

born on the territory of Austria

Children appeared foreigners in Austria, after 4-6 years of permanent residence in a federal state in central Europe are eligible for naturalization.

by right of blood before the onset of age children are Austrian citizens, regardless of their place of birth and residence, have the right to a nationality.

marry a citizen of Austria

If you are married to a citizen of this country, you can apply for citizenship.But it will not be so fast.At the same time the country needs to stay at least 3-4 years of them - 1-2 years married.

Pros at a residence permit

The advantages in considering residency rights include:
- presence in the ownership of real estate in Austria;
- getting here and general secondary education;
- family ties.

Standard residency in Austria is large enough - 10 years after obtaining a residence permit, which is needed every year to renew.At the same time if the circumstances which initially was given a residence permit have changed for the worse, it is not likely to extend.A decade later, you can arrange unlimited residence permit and apply for citizenship.But after 30 years of being in the country it automatically becomes a citizen without any conditions.

important to prove the fact of registration of a principal residence in the country, it is necessary each year stay in Austria for at least six months.

Note this plus Austrian citizenship, is essential for certain categories of persons, as a lack of extradition of its citizens at the request of the foreign law enforcement agencies.