Often the questions posed in the forehead, caught by surprise and deliver mental discomfort.It's one thing if you communicate a good friend, a relative or a friend.Another thing, when such questions are asked a complete stranger.Here much depends on education: rude answer, ignore or cheat.When you do not know what to say, you need to get away from the answer.
can ask another question or a similar question from a completely different field.Let you deem bad mannered - more peace of mind.Celebrities and politicians since it comes with intrusive questions of reporters.
If the matter is not quite correctly placed, it can be left unanswered.Pretend that did not hear or did not un
derstand what was going on.Fend question joke, humor is always appropriate.
If nature gave you the gift of eloquence, pour water.The more words to anything you do not oblige, the better.Answer to a direct question as to confuse interlocutor."Otzerkalte" question, mentally putting a person on the spot.
ask one question a lot of clarifying questions.Do this with a sincere look on his face, to convince the person of interest.This discouraged opponent.
Find out why the other person asking the question.Their intended purpose?The objectives are noble and low.So you completely turn your attention to your opponent.
If you do not want to answer a direct question or do not know the answer, flatter interlocutor, praising him for his quick wit and mind.Meanwhile, quietly put the conversation in another direction.
invited to discuss the formulation of the question, reformulating it and gently moving the conversation of interrogation debate.
Ignore uncomfortable question or answer: "I do not know, I have not thought about it."Brazen source said that you are not interested and "Instead, let's talk about you."
Roughly tear off the companion, giving him to understand that he goes permissible limits of decency.In a pinch, you can improve the tone and go to the conflict - the end justifies the means.