first determine what question you want to find out or range of issues to be decided.You may want to write a complaint about the actions of some officials, or you need to solve their own problems, such as free housing or installing the gas meter.In any case, you need a clear wording of the question.
Take a sheet of A4 paper, write in the top right corner of the Administration of the city, village, town or district.Enter your personal data, place of residence, you can add a phone number and email address.In the center, separated by a space, write the word "complaint" in small letters.
After that, in a logical sequence to define all the circumst
ances of the events that happened, where, when, whether there were witnesses, specify the time.Be sure to describe your actions and your opponent.Put the emphasis on the nature of the complaint, a request that you want to get on the outcome of the consideration of the document.
Enter at the end of the complaints rules of law on the basis of what you have to prove his innocence.In the center of the sheet write the word "please" and list their requests or wishes.Below sign, date compilation.Your complaint must be reviewed within 30 days from the date of this period may be extended, for example, if you want to carry out additional examinations, interviewing witnesses, and witnesses and so on, but no more than 10 days.
you will receive an answer by mail, in writing, can do it in person, as a rule, it is possible in the General Department of executive authority or in the waiting room of the mayor.There you will be asked to make a record of the receipt of the document.If you do not agree with the findings of an official, you can file a complaint to a higher organization.
If you just file a complaint at the federal level, after a while it will be considered by local authorities, but with duplication in the federal response organization.In this case, you will receive two official response to the official stamp of the results of the examination.
complaint mayor can apply for a personal meeting, in this case, you are in the office of the official, make out their demands in writing and wait for an answer in due time according to the law.