you need
  • - A4 sheet of paper;
  • - pen;
  • - computer;
  • - envelope;
  • - mark;
  • - copies of documents confirming the facts mentioned in the letter.
Write a letter to Ministry are two sposobami.Sposob №1.The letter can be written in electronic form.As a rule, to receive e-mail messages (Internet calls) on the websites of public services used specialized software, which includes the fields that you need to fill in details.You just need to explain the essence of treatment in the free form.The answer you get from the ministry and in electronic form and in written forme.Sposob №2.A written request can be written as "by hand", and printed using a computer.The lett
er is written in a free form.No special rules for the writing of complaints of citizens to the state authorities does not exist.Yet, not hurt, if you adhere to certain rules of business correspondence.
Correctly fill in the details of the letter.In the upper right corner of the sheet write the name of a public authority, which receives treatment.Next, enter the position, surname, name and patronymic recipient, below write the full postal address of the recipient.Under the details of the recipient write his surname, first name, your full postal address and phone number to contact.
politely refer to the recipient, for example: "Dear Mr. Smith!".Then explain the essence of your treatment (proposals, applications, complaints).Listed in the letter attached copies of documents confirming the facts contained in the application (if you have them).At the end put a signature legibly write his name with the initials and select dates.
Written letter can be sent by mail.Treatment with applications enclosed in the envelope.The envelope legibly write the recipient's address, after ascertaining its relevance, and your return address.Be patient in waiting for a response - a few days for the delivery of letters and registration, as well as position 30 days to review the letter and prepare an answer.In addition, the possible forwarding mail to another department (this you will be notified in writing).
appeal with the applications you can give personally to the office of the ministry.Then stock up a copy of his address, in which you put a stamp with the date of registration.In this case, you will reduce response time by postal services and registration.