Tip 1: When will the case of Yulia Tymoshenko

For the second year in Ukraine passions boil around the so-called "case of Tymoshenko."Vyvshemu prime minister of the country charged with improper use of a large amount of budget funds, abuse of authority at the conclusion of
the contracts with Russia on gas supplies and other violations of the law.After a long series of criminal cases against Yulia Tymoshenko, apparently, it is still far from complete.

In late 2010, Yulia Tymoshenko, who previously held the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, was presented to a number of charges.It was, above all, the misuse of more than € 300 million that went to Ukraine after the sale of quotas for greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.A little later against Tymoshenko was initiated another criminal case.Ex-premier was accused of abuse of authority in the procurement of vehicles for medical services in Ukraine.

law enforcement bodies of Ukraine were not satisfied.In addition, Yulia Tymoshenko was also charged with violations of at the conclusion of gas contracts with Russia in 2009.The verdict on the case submitted in October 2011 resembles online edition Lenta.Ru.In accordance with the decision of the court Tymoshenko received seven years in prison and was forwarded to the colony.

Despite the fact that recently the state of health of imprisoned Yulia Tymoshenko has deteriorated, the prosecution against her on the remaining charges continues.The international medical commission states that the former prime minister should continue treatment abroad, to which objection official Ukrainian authorities.

According to "Vesti", for health reasons the defendant was not able to attend the court hearing, scheduled for May 21.The next hearing is scheduled for June 25, 2012, the judge took such a decision of the Kiev District Court of Kharkiv K. Sadowski.In the center of a protracted examination of the case - malpractice in the mid 90-ies of the last century, when Tymoshenko led the company, "United Energy Systems of Ukraine".The investigating authorities have seen in the actions of Tymoshenko forgery, tax evasion and the organization of embezzlement of public funds.

current President Viktor Yanukovych, answering journalists' questions about the prospects of the case and the timing of its completion, said he did not exclude the possibility of resolution of the "case of Tymoshenko" political means.To do this, the president must wait for the court verdict.How long can become the expectation, it becomes clear at the end of June 2012, when a regular meeting of the court.

Tip 2: How was the trial of Tymoshenko

Tymoshenko Julia - a prominent politician and former Prime Minister of Ukraine, was arrested on 5 August 2011 for abuse of power as primeMinister.
How was the trial of Tymoshenko
the same day in the hall court decision was rendered on the arrest of Yulia Tymoshenko because, according to the judge, she let the rest of the interrogation of suspects.Since Tymoshenko kept in detention centers, where the first hours of the conclusion she made a statement that he feared for his life and will never commit suicide dobrovolno.Uzhe August 15 attorneys Yulia Tymoshenko announced strange bruises on her body,although before that the former prime minister different vibrant health and amazing capacity for work.Supporters Tymoshenko made a statement that bruising - is the result of poisoning Julia in prison and put forward the demand to miss her personal physician, so that he could take a blood test.The requirement has not been udovletvoreno.V October 2011, the District Court found Pechorinsky Tymoshenko guilty.According Court, the former prime minister has exceeded his powers in that, after the talks with Russia ordered the conclusion of agreements on gas supplies between Russia and Ukraine, which led the Court of rstvo losses in the amount of half a million hryvnia.On the same day the court sentenced Tymoshenko to seven years in prison and banned from the court of rstvennye office for three years after her osvobozhdeniya.23 November 2011 Yulia Tymoshenko examined.In the Kiev regional clinical hospital №1 she underwent magnetic resonance imaging, which has been revealed intervertebral hernia.November 30, former Prime Minister was finally transferred to the medical unit of the investigative izolyatora.1 December an appeal court considered the case of Yulia Tymoshenko .Itself the defendant for health reasons could not attend the meeting.The Court of Appeal upheld the conviction izmeneniy.8 December Tymoshenko judged directly in the medical unit of the insulator.The trial lasted for 12 hours, during which the defendant was lying on the bed, and she worked hard painkillers.December 23, 2011 verdict of the court entered into force, and Yulia Tymoshenko Kachanovsky was transferred to penal colony №54, which is located in Kharkov.