Exit citizenship of the Russian Federation - is the legitimate right of any citizen of Russia to stop the mutual obligations of the state.The act that is carried out on the basis of free will of the citizen.The decision on the petition to resolve the Russian citizenship, Russian President takes.
There is a simplified procedure for exit citizenship .So, if you have both or one of the parents, spouse, spouse or child have another nationality, the issue is solved without the intervention of the president.The same procedure is provided, if you travel to another country for permanent residence or are already living abroad.
Exit Russian citizenship of the child if one parent is a citizen of the Russian Federation and the other a foreign national, as is carried out in a simplified manner on the basis of the joint declaration of both parents.If you are a single parent and a citizen of a foreign state, the basis for the withdrawal of citizenship child will serve your application as a single parent.
legislation prohibits the output of citizenship the Russian Federation in cases when: a) you have outstanding obligations to the state, established by laws of the Russian Federation (for example, came up time and received a notice aboutcall for military service), and b) you are brought to justice as the accused or against you had already entered into legal force of a guilty verdict; c) if you have no other citizenship , except citizenship Russia and convincing guaranteesits receipt.