All known today confederated or disintegrate after a short existence, transformed into a full-fledged federal state.This political instability is primarily due to the peculiarities of a confederal union, which also has features such as a unified state and international legal union of sovereign states.Regardless of the historical and cultural features of all confederations have the following universal characteristics: 1. Confederate associations created to achieve a specific common goal (economic, political or military cooperation, trade, etc.); 2.Subjects confederations have the right to unilateral termination of
the contract and confederal free exit;3. The sovereignty belongs to the Confederation of its subjects.No decision of the Confederate government has no legal force without ratification (approval) of its States Parties; 4.The jurisdiction of the Confederate government is only a limited range of issues.Usually this is the problem of war and peace, the establishment of a common communication system, the formation of a unified army and foreign policy; 5.The system of the Confederate government is limited in comparison with the system of sovereign states.In particular, there are only those authorities and institutions that are needed to solve specific problems.As a rule, no judicial authorities; 6.The budget of the confederation can only be created by the voluntary contributions of the member states.The system of forced collection of taxes and fees Confederation lacks; 7.Confederal parliament formed by representative bodies of subjects of the confederation, and all the delegates it carries out the instructions given to them by the sovereign States; 8.Most confederated grazhdanstvo.V no single moment in the world there is no full-confederal unions.Even Switzerland, which officially is called the Swiss Confederation, in its essence is a federal state.Most close to the Confederation on the device, the European Union, but he is not formally recognized.