State Duma deputies are representatives of the voters in the lower house of parliament.They have an obligation to defend the interests of the people, to participate in the discussion and adoption of federal laws and the project budget.Status deputy entails a number of privileges: parliamentary immunity, service apartment, pension benefits.
as deputies to the State Duma of the Russian Federation can be accessed as part of a political party or electoral bloc.Since the formation of the current legislation of the State Duma takes place on the basis of party lists, self-nominated to become deputy-fail.
By law, the State Duma may become a citizen of the Russian Federation over 21 years and having the right to vote.MPs banned to combine work in the Duma with a business or other type of employment, except for research and teaching.The Duma elections are held every 5 years.
Based on all the provisions of the procedure of formation of the Duma to become a deputy, you must be a member of a registered political party or a member of the bloc.Elections are held in all regions of the country and regional offices of political parties receive seats in parliament in proportion to the votes gained.Lists of candidates are formed on the basis of intra-party vote.Naturally, the leader of the list likely to become a member of a lot more than those who are not even among the top ten.
Thus, the path to the State Duma of the country begins with the membership in the regional office of the political party.Active party activities will give you the opportunity to take a high place in the list of candidates, which, in turn, will provide a chance to become a deputy.It is desirable to obtain political or economic education, have experience in public speaking and debate, as in the campaign you have to use all your skills to win the trust of voters.