At the end of May and mid-June 2012 in Egypt, held two round of the election of the new president of this country.The same enthusiasm as the revolution itself, they did not cause - the turnout was 46.5%, and the difference is the number of votes cast for the winner and the loser in each round, no more than four percent.Anyway, the president was elected - it was Mohamed Morsi Isa Al-Ayyat, chairman of the "Freedom and Justice Party."This party is the political wing of the international Islamic religious and political association "Muslim Brotherhood."

Mohamed Morsi engineer by profession, graduated from C
airo University and received his doctorate in American University of Southern California.In the US, we had two of his five children, who now have American citizenship.And California's future president of Egypt worked for three years as an assistant professor at the university, and in 1985 returned to his homeland.His political activity has always been associated with the organization "Muslim Brotherhood", even in the period when its representatives were not allowed to hold official posts or officially represent "Muslim Brotherhood" in the parliament.In the period from 2000 to 2005, he was formally an independent deputy in parliament.

¬ęParty of Freedom and Justice" Mohamed Morsi headed immediately after its formation in 2011.The main rival of the leader of "Muslim Brotherhood" in the last elections was Ahmed Shafiq, the prime minister of the government of the previous president.After winning Mursi resigned as chairman of the party, and June 30, 2012 was sworn in as the first face of the Egyptian state.

wife of President Mahmoud Nadzhla name of one of their sons is still studying in high school, the other - at the Faculty of Commerce at the University, and the third deals with the legal profession, and a senior doctor working in Saudi Arabia.The only daughter married, she is also a university student, but gave birth to Mohammed Mursi three grandchildren.