If you wish to ask a question president personally, such an opportunity exists.Take part in one of the videoconferences.Such events usually warns the press beforehand.But keep in mind that those wishing to ask something directly to the president very much, your performance may simply not be enough time.Moreover, such events are usually held in large cities, which is inconvenient for residents of rural areas.
more opportunities to communicate with the president there, if not organized a teleconference with the whole country, and any group of persons.One example is the dialogue between Dmitry Medvedev and people gathered at the youth forum "Seliger" or periodic contact with various research in
stitutions and enterprises.So if your workplace is organized like an online conference with the head of state, take part in it and ask about what you are interested in.
Questions may be specified in writing.Through the Internet it can be done as follows: go to the website of the President Russia , from the home page, go to "Send a letter to the president ยป.Learn the rules of writing appeals.Its size is limited to two thousand marks.Your letter must be signed by.Besides the name, surname and patronymic, you must specify the location to send you the answer - the electronic or postal address.After reviewing all the information, click on 'Send'.On the next page, fill in all mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.If you're not from Russia , specify this further.Choose a theme and treatment in a special window, insert the text.You can also send any documents to complement your question by clicking on the "Attach a file".After filling in all the information again, click on the "Send".After reviewing your question presidential office you will receive an appropriate response.
You can also send President letter by regular mail to the address Moscow, 103132, st.Ilinka 23. By writing such a letter must meet the same requirements as that of e-applications.