countries where the parliament has the same name, Moldova, Italy, Greece, Canada, Armenia, New Zealand, UK and others.In accordance with the constitution, in some states set their own name of Parliament.
Riksdag - the Swedish parliament.Elected every four years and consists of a single chamber.The most important task of the Riksdag - closely monitor the work of the government and law enforcement.Thalmann - a chairman of the Riksdag.He leads the meeting and must remain neutral with respect to different political parties.
In Finland, the parliament called eduskunta.At its meetings may be attend
ed by all interested persons.The Finnish parliament consists of one chamber and is elected every four years.Every Finnish citizen who has turned 18 years may be elected to Parliament, and have the right to vote.
Russian parliament consists of two chambers called the Federal Assembly.Federation Council - the upper chamber, and the State Duma - the lower house.The State Duma elections are held every five years.Both houses sit separately from each other.The US Congress consists of the Senate and House of Representatives.Each state has two senators in the Senate, regardless of population.Every two years, about one-third of the Senate is re-elected.Elections to the House of Representatives also take place every two years.
in Germany is called the Bundestag parliament consists of one chamber.Bundestag deputies are elected for four years.Dissolve the Bundestag can only in cases of emergency, President of Germany.The Turkmen Parliament - Mejlis consists of 125 deputies who are elected for a five year term in single-seat constituencies.
Israel parliament called the Knesset is the supreme authority.The number of deputies - 120. They are elected on party lists.In Israel, a very low percentage barrier - only 2%, so in the Knesset almost always represent at least 10 games.The Mongolian People's Great Hural consists of 76 deputies who are elected for a term of four years.Khural may run for only citizens over 25 years.
the Ukraine Parliament - the Verkhovna Rada, is composed of 450 deputies.It is the only public body in this country, which is vested with legislative power.The Verkhovna Rada is the formation and control of the Cabinet of Ministers.
National Assembly - the so-called parliament in Bulgaria.It consists of 240 deputies who are elected on universal suffrage for a term of four years.In case of war or other public emergency, the powers of deputies are extended until the end of the contingency.
In Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, the parliament called the Diet.In Switzerland, the United Federal Assembly consists of two chambers.Parliament of this country is designed so that both chambers balance each other and are equal.They hold meetings separately from each other and both control the operation of the government.
Serbian parliament - the Assembly consists of 250 deputies and is unicameral.Deputies are elected by popular vote for a term of four years.In Estonia, the parliament called Riigikogu.It deputies elected Head of State and shall supervise the activities of the government.
In Japan, the only legislative body is the parliament - Kokkay, which consists of two chambers.The upper house - the House of Councillors of Japan, the lower - the House of Representatives.Both chambers are elected by universal suffrage in parallel.Kokkay elect the Prime Minister of Japan.
Croatia unicameral parliament - Sabor, is composed of deputies of 100-160, and a certain number of seats reserved for ethnic minorities of the country and the Croatian diaspora.In Tajikistan, Parliament called Majlisi Oli consists of two chambers - Majlisi Namoyandagon.
Syria parliament consists of 250 deputies and is called the People's Council or Majlis al-Shaab.The country still has a one-party system, so the 167 seats in the National Council are guaranteed belong representatives of the ruling Baath Party.