most rapid way - to use the official website of the President to the tab "Send" and read the rules to be followed so that your message has not been ignored.
create a personal account to point to the total valid data.Then fill in the form and click "Submit".
If your letter - a complaint to the officer, you should use another form of sending, for this go to "mobile reception" and click the "Submit complaint".Also, read the rules and follow the instructions.
There is the internet and the ability to send an open letter.This option is suitable for those who want to attract the attention of society, resonate, to find supporters and assistance.To publish such letters on th
e Internet there are many sites.One offers publicize your message within 3 days.
It is possible to send letters to the president and ordinary mail.To use it, you need to form the addressee on the envelope to specify the path: 103132, Russia, Moscow, ul.Ilinka Str. 23. This method also involves the provision of complete and reliable information about yourself.
There are general rules of registration of the letter to the president.The most important thing - courtesy and no profanity.The text should be concise and informative, divided into paragraphs.Avoid spelling errors.Poses a problem without unnecessary emotions.