What is the cost of living

According to Ukrainian law the cost of living is the monthly cost of the minimum food, non-food products and services required to meet basic human needs.We can say that the cost of living - is the average cost of living established by the state, based on one month.

For how many categories of citizens established the subsistence minimum

In Ukraine, the subsistence level is set separately for: children under 6 years and children 6 to 18 years old, able-bodied persons as well as disabled people.The latter include old-age pensioners and unemployed people with disabilities.In addition, there is a common value of the subsistence minimum.

In Ukraine, the living wage is determined annually by the Law on the State Budget.Depending on the economic situation in the country, the cost of living during the year may be increa
sed or unchanged.

How much is the cost of living in 2014

In Ukraine this year, the following values ​​of the minimum subsistence level:

The total amount - 1176 hryvnia;
Children under 6 years - 1032 hryvnia;
Children 6 to 18 years - 1286 hryvnia;
able-bodied population - 1218 hryvnia;
disabled population - 949 hryvnia.

It should be noted that so far this year, the legislation does not provide a living wage increase.Therefore, any change of its magnitude can be expected to January 1, 2015.

What affects the cost of living

from the established subsistence level depends on the amount of so many benefits.These include pensions, the minimum wage, various types of state social assistance to poor families.Also tied to the subsistence minimum tax social benefits, ieis the amount of wages to which the tax is not levied on income of individuals.From the living wage established for the children of the appropriate age depends on the minimum amount of child support awarded.

Ironically, the size of a living wage is associated with responsibility for the crimes and administrative violations.So, in some cases, punishment for them depends on the size of the damage caused, measured in non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (in abbreviated form - NMDG).For such situations in 2014 NMDG 1 is 50% of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons, ie,609 hryvnia.Beginning in 2015, 1 NMDG and subsistence minimum for able-bodied citizens are the same.