tackle the question of breaking bulk e-mail Investigative Committee did not, he gave a statement in accordance with the criminal procedure law "of jurisdiction" - the police Internal Affairs in Moscow.

According to the applicable provisions of the law in Russia, hacking email accounts and social networks is illegal, since it is personal correspondence, is not for outsiders.Article 23 of the Russian Constitution still provides for the citizen's right to privacy, confidentiality of correspondence, telephone conversations, e-mail and other communications.This right ma
y be restricted only by a court decision, which was not.

So, to say that the police found in the bulk-mail, it does not make sense - no matter what has been written in a personal friend and whatever evidence it does not spell out, to discuss these issues and the adoption of any measures to be illegal.At least before against Navalny it will not be prosecuted and will be followed by a formal decision of the judicial censorship of his personal mail.

Meanwhile, the hacker, who has taken the responsibility for the illegal hacking, working under the pseudonym of "Hell" began to spread in Internet fragments of correspondence Navalny.First, a lot of fuss about his epistolary dialogue with the current Kirov Region Governor Nikita Belykh, were then posted information about some of the offshore company, which, judging by the correspondence has to do with Navalny.

understandable desire of the authorities to silence and to get rid of a man who systematically lays out to the public the facts uncovered corrupt practices by government officials.Fortunately, Navalny has a law degree and works in strict accordance with the law - all charges against them documented.

Discussion of personal correspondence of the citizen, in any case, is not only contrary to law, but moral norms of a civilized society.However, today, when Russia violated these norms at the highest level, it refers to them simply ridiculous.