you need
  • - campaign headquarters
  • - good organizational skills
  • - a sincere desire to make the world a better
Try to win the elections by extending itsaudience.There are groups that many competitors prefer to ignore in his election campaign (for example, for the reason that they are often reluctant to vote: it is famous for the youth).Try not to forget about such and offer your campaign something for them.In this case the disadvantaged social groups are more likely to go to vote and determination, because earlier about them no one remembers why they did not show interest in el
Use inspiring eloquence to win the elections : Be optimistic about the future and give people hope, sincerely telling them that they can by its own efforts to change the situation does not suit them.
To win the election need to train their organizational skills, because you will be working a lot of people, and each of them should be given a separate task and on time its correct.For example, if as a result of your research team found out that the part of your audience did not like one of your statements, you must promptly provide the information speechwriters and image-makers as soon as possible to change the situation, for example, performance on television (which also need to agree) tocorrected speech.Managing so many people with a variety of functions requires uncommon attentiveness and ability to be understandable and understood.
Try never to build a campaign on a detailed critique of the current state of affairs.Instead, you should articulate your planned actions designed to ensure that this situation be corrected.And this plan should be as specific as possible.Faith in the audience that you know what to do to help you win the election .
Begin announced plans to implement before the elections: let the people see that what you're talking about - not just empty words.This is another reason to believe your promises and just choose you.