If possible, start the answer with the consent of, or the words of union, "course", "you're right", "other people say, but we all know ..." etc..P.You do not argue with someone and agree with it or separate it from other people, so it has no apparent reason to continue to provoke you.Then you can answer a few change in their favor.For example, if you ask, you do not argue you so because too rich and not able to understand ordinary people respond that of course you are rich - rich in spirit.
hooked on the matter and direct it against the speaker.Carp can be wrongly put to the stress, a poor use of the word to every detail.So you can turn a provocateur
as a sacrifice.There are more rough option - to find some flaw in appearance or behavior of the interlocutor and turn the conversation to him.Thus a person is often easy to confuse.In addition, you can pretend to misunderstand the question and begin attacks on his interlocutor.
Say the question that you asked the interlocutor, have discussed numerous times, so answer it - it means wasting time.To say it can be bored, as if a question for a long time you're tired and you do not understand how it can be someone else interested.So you reduce the importance and the debate and his companion, and will deter further attempts to provoke you.
If you are offered two options, each of which will testify against you, or choose two or looking for a third.For example, if the interview you ask the question, what is more important, a good job or a higher salary, you can answer that the salary - it is one of the motivations, and you would like to devote themselves to work and not worrying about what your family nothingthere is.If you are offered two extremes, choose something in between.