collapse of the Soviet Union: chance or regularity?

In terms of territory the Soviet Union was the likeness of the Russian Empire, occupying a huge space, located on the territory of Europe and Asia.These open spaces were once mastered the mighty spirit of the Russian people and other nations, who inhabited a truly boundless state.Country stretches from the North Pole to the Pamirs, from the Baltic to the Pacific coast.

Was the collapse of the USSR inevitable?Some commentators and public figures believe that the collapse of the communist regime had been decided long ago.A planned
economy, which could not compete with a market economy, was bound to collapse. collapse of the Soviet Union has also been associated with exacerbate the ethnic conflicts that have been caused by natural causes.

On the eve of the collapse of a great power, badly in need of structural economic reforms, upgrading of the state and political system.Bourgeois historians are convinced that the system of power, based on the leading role of the Communist Party, outdated, was ineffective and no longer meet the requirements of the time.Therefore, the collapse of the Soviet Union was a logical and necessary.

Those who adhere to the communist beliefs, tend to blame the destruction of the Soviet Union as the external forces hostile to the right while the country's regime and internal enemies, most of whom are themselves belonged to the ruling in the Soviet Union's political elite.The actions of political leaders, which led to disastrous results in economics and politics, the Communists called a major factor disintegration of the Soviet Union, which could easily be prevented.

Who is considered responsible for the collapse of the USSR?

Those who remembers the Soviet Union in the sunset of his life, know that it does not collapse overnight.Power was preceded by the collapse of long-term preparation on the part of the strongest opponents of the Soviet regime abroad and inside the country.And, oddly enough, one of the main destroyers of the system was a political and state leadership of the USSR.

Senior party leaders did not act as the basis of how much stupidity and thoughtlessness.Tesha themselves hope of prosperity of the Soviet system, party leaders announced that the Soviet Union built a developed socialism.This approach does not take into account the real aggravation of the class struggle on the international scene and the fact that inside the country also raised their head forces that were interested in a radical change in economic relations and political system.

After the cancellation of the sixth article of the Constitution of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union lost its leading role in society.Subsequently, the Soviet Union adopted a number of resolutions of the government in the economy, in direct contradiction to the principles of building a socialist economy. Creating conditions for the development of the so-called co-operative movement has become a prerequisite for the restoration of the capitalist system.The collapse of socialism was a foregone conclusion.

Subsequent events unfolded at breakneck speed by historical standards, and took the nature of a direct confrontation between MSGorbachev, who was president of the USSR, and BNYeltsin, claim to be the new head of the new Russia."The point of no return" in the socialist past of impending capitalist future researchers almost unanimously considered a failing of the Soviet leadership to correct the situation through the creation of the Emergency Committee.

should not be excluded from the collapse of the Soviet Union and the perpetrators hostile to him by external forces.Western countries are not just watching the political developments in the Soviet Union.They actively encouraged the destructive policies of the Soviet elite, supported the nationalist speeches, in many ways carried the ideological influence on the whole of the USSR.Ultimately, it is the Western powers was the most beneficial to the Soviet Union in its present form has ceased to exist.