The best way to stop swearing - to change the social circle, even briefly.The most common bad habits (and the use of dirty language can be attributed to them) attached to us when we are in the company of certain people.We become part of this society and begin to speak as it is accepted.These people are not necessarily bad and unworthy, simply in our country use mat acquired such a scale that such a vocabulary began to be used even intelligent people with higher education.So find people who have not yet entered swearing habit, and limit their circle of contacts at a time.
Even if you have to communicate with others, always watch out for his
speech.Because ultimately, you can teach them badly, and they do not have a good.Whenever you want to swear hard, squeeze their fists, and count to ten.You can close your eyes and breathe deeply several times.Such techniques, there are many, and your power to select an existing or come up with their own, which is the most convenient for you.The main thing here - to remember what goal you have set for ourselves, to calm down and say the same thing, but in other words.
In general, the "peace of mind" - this is your keyword.After swearing hunting when there comes some crisis: stressful, unpleasant surprise, and so on.Hopefully, you do not belong to those people who even the most calm, devoid of emotion speech pour mat, unable to speak at all without it.Therefore, as far as possible to avoid such situations, and if not, have developed a different attitude towards them.Keep it simple, do not make mountains out of molehills, and learn to look at with a fair share of adversity pofigizma.Break the cup - this is not an occasion to remember the roots of obscene.This is an occasion once again laugh at themselves and try to be careful next time.
If you can not live without mat , and the sentence of the four words you have three words - a mat, you, along with the above methods should be used one more.Invent yourself some short, funny, easy to remember a word, no longer than the majority of swear words, and say it every time there is a desire to curse.Of course, there must be attention and concentration, but if you really want to get rid of the mat , the game is worth the candle.After this little word you replace obscene roots and forget it and enjoy the clean speech.
Use the "help room".Explain closest knowledgeable and understand you to friends and family that you want to get rid of the mat .Let them help you, do stop for a while to swear, will avoid situations that cause the desire to use strong language.You can resort to more radical methods: get a job that would be considered a dirty swearing in the company's charter cause for dismissal.And do not forget from time to time to address in the best examples of literature: so you will understand that the Russian language without mat much better sound.And when your labors are successful, it will become clear that the net it has a positive effect on your life and state of mind.