Tip 1: How to politely refuse

ability to politely but clearly saying "no" can be very useful in life.Rejecting strongly enough, you can get into a situation where someone you impose your will.In formulating the refusal clearly, but rude, you run the risk of offending someone who does not deserve that.The ability to give the correct answer is negative - social skills, and educated people speak them perfectly.
If possible, do not let the failure immediately, and take time to think.When you are invited to some event, forgive assist at a certain time, say that you should consult with your diary.Later, refer to the employment and give up, but do not tighten the answer, as you can bring another person to instill in his vain hope, make you count.Correctly answer no to a personal invitation and in person, but if you agree with the person that you will give him an answer by e-mail, it is permissible to write a letter of apology and denial.
chose his words carefully, do not use "reduced" vocabulary.Do not say "I do n
ot want" better say "I do not find it possible," not "I will not" and "I do not think it's acceptable," use a pretentious vocabulary than the one you use every day.This will give the person understand that you deny him - not an ordinary event, and you try not to hurt his feelings.
Try to state the reason for failure, if it is possible to offer an alternative.In cases where this is possible, accompany the refusal compliments, such as when the landlady persuaded you to try her cooking.
some particularly difficult given the failures associated with close relations.Saying "no" to a man, to invite you on a date, tell me what you currently are not interested in a relationship with anyone, but most of his attention.
If you are asked to contribute to someone in a work situation, help with documents, take on a project, perform another's duties, try to resort to the magic phrase: "I'm not sure I can help you withit.Why do not refer the matter to X? ".Under X may refer to as your immediate superior, or a person whose job is precisely this kind of assistance, of which you are requesting.
Remember that you have the right to deny anyone of anything and whoever something asks, well aware of this as you are.Perhaps it is configured for your refusal and does not want to lose even a minimal chance.You should not suffer due to the fact that you had to tell someone no, because of your consent is not dependent on any human life or the fate of nations.
Learn to separate the questions and requests from manipulation.When you are under pressure, accused, raise their voices when you behave properly and rude, you have the right to just say "no," turn around and leave.

Tip 2: How to refuse to hire a

Refusal to work - an unpleasant but unavoidable procedure: from a variety of candidates who responded to an open position always has to choose only one or at most a few.
How to refuse to hire a
you need
  • - computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - email.
most common form of denial - silent.As soon as it becomes clear that this candidate is eliminated, with it simply stopped communicating.If he initiates contact himself, politely explain that, unfortunately for him, he turned out to be more suitable another bidder.As
failure can often be treated and the phrase "we'll call you," instead of going to the procedure of registration of relations after the final stage of selection.
Less common option of refusal when all applicants who were not selected, or those who dropped out in the final stages (it is more common, as is too large total number of all who respond to the job) is sent(but not by way of spam: each personal) message that preference is given to another.
This is usually a standard form: the candidate thank you for your attention to the company, I regret to inform that the choice is not made in his favor, and I wish you success.
This "letter of refusal" can be used the phrase that the recipient's candidacy may be considered by the future.Everyone understands that it may not binding and basically means nothing, it is not more than a courtesy.
However, it may be different.Even when the choice is made, there is no certainty that the selected bidder will get accustomed to the company.In that case, anyone who is professionally engaged in the selection of personnel keep a pool of other applicants.And the phrase, this may mean that there deselected candidate included.

But even that does not guarantee anything.
So the question is, use this method to sweeten the pill or not, is at the discretion of each.
carefully articulate the reasons for refusal.Even if the decision is dictated by the fact that the candidate did not fit, such as age or sex, not necessarily to talk about it out loud, and even more so - to report in writing.Labor Code allows only one ground for refusal: non-compliance of merchantable quality.Otherwise you give the other side is every reason to apply for you in court and a chance to win the process.
  • both refuse to work