main rule: Remember, provocateur wants to annoy you, get to lose self-control, raise your voice, to push the scandal.Do not give him this opportunity.
For example, a neighbor accuses you, you trash in the stairwell or smoke under his door.Have you already fed up with these lies, I want to scream at him rudely or even strike.But consider this: as a result it will look like an innocent sufferer, you are short-tempered and rude.Stay calm, even if everything inside boils and itchy hands and punish the liar.Ice scornful look - you
r best response to the provocation.You can look around with a condescending smile of his from head to toe - a very effective psychological trick.
Or, for example, the chief again unfairly carp.You can, of course, snap, say what you think about it, because the nerves of iron.But this way, you actually will play into his hands.Calm and reasoned reply to his complaint.Even better - with facts and figures, "You are dissatisfied with my work?But I have such-and-such achievements. "Do not give him a reason to fire you.
Someone on the bus or in a subway car stuck to you with some stupid claims, and is unacceptable in a rude manner.Turn around, all kind ignoring it.If not her kill with malicious courtesy advised: "It seems that public transportation is bad for you any more.We traveled by taxi would be better, it's healthier. "Your task: to answer his rough replica impeccably polite, but so that the ham "sat in a puddle of" becoming common laughingstock.
And if you, when you come in for an interview, is clearly starting to ask provocative questions, know that this is done deliberately to test your resistance to stress and resourcefulness.Keep calm, answer is still restrained and polite.Even if literally bursting with the desire to clarify sarcastically: "I am so unclear about himself?".Can the answer to the mentally told himself, "Do not give in to provocations" and to count, for example, up to five - it's good calms the nerves.