The word "power" is meant the ability to make other people behave in a certain way, to adhere to the generally accepted laws and rules.Species power a lot, but the most important among them - political.
Why political power in comparison with other types of power may be regarded as a phenomenon, that is something special, sharply stand out?Because she is the embodiment of the will of the state, society (or rather - of the ruling class, layer, which acts on behalf of the company).Political power has a number of characteristics that are unique to it and have a huge impact on all citizens of the state.
Political power makes laws, oversees their impl
ementation and punish their violation.She could, if necessary, to change the laws or even cancel them.For this purpose, it has all the necessary political institutions, such as parliament, government, judiciary and law enforcement agencies.
Political power is responsible for internal and external security of the state and society in general.It maintains diplomatic activity, maintaining relations with other countries and defending the interests of their own country in the international arena.The authorities must ensure that within the country there is no conflict (for example ethnic, inter-religious), time avoiding "sharp" situation, using law enforcement and military forces.If it did happen, the political authorities must quickly extinguish the conflict, rather than letting it flare up.To do this it can use a variety of methods, ranging from the role of arbiter, ending the use of force when absolutely necessary.
This political power has a monopoly on the creation and use of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, as well as the possibility of their use in foreign and domestic policy.In other words, the only political power has the right to use violence in those cases where it is required in the interests of the state and society.
Political power shape public opinion, influencing it through the media, agitation and propaganda.This is an incomplete list of features of political power.But enough has been said to make its special significance for the country and the people living in it.