Company at the option of the new President of Egypt began in April 2012 and will end at the end of June of the same year.Registration of candidates for the top post of the state will be initiated only after the referendum, the purpose of which will be the approval of a new constitution.The main two candidates to succeed Hosni Mubarak, with the highest number of votes, were defined in the primary elections held on May 23-24.They were representative of the "Muslim Brotherhood" Mohamed Morsi and Prime Minister General Ahmed Shafiq.None of them more than 50% of the votes are not scored, which means that the winner will be revealed in the second round, scheduled for
June 16-17.By the end of the month, the newly elected head of Egypt will be sworn in.
As you know, the new draft constitution to develop and submit for public discussion will be representatives from the National Assembly of the lower house of parliament, and representatives from the Shura Council of the top.It should be added that the preparation and holding of elections Murabaka successor has been appointed for the Commission, but not the central election committee.By decision of the Parliamentary Committee of the National Assembly, this Constitutional Commission has received the status of the legislative structure and its activities will be independent of any decisions of state bodies.The commission includes 100 Egyptians who are not members of parliament - this condition is satisfied in accordance with joint decision between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt and leading political parties agreed.
If the main points of the law on the election of a new contender for the presidency of Egypt formulated beforehand, this means that the overall timing and the end of the presidential campaign will be able to sustain, as further delays in the normalization of economic and political situation inthe country is very undesirable.