Russia.It may seem strange, but in Russia the law of incest is not forbidden.You can not get married to relatives in the ascending straight line, for example, the father of her daughter, and her grandmother with her grandson.This also applies to adoptive parents with adopted children.Brother and sister, too, can not enter into relationship.But of uncles and nephews, as well as about cousins, no one mentions.Therefore, it is allowed.
Netherlands.About this country is often spoken of as the freest in the laws.The legalization of gay marriage, the protection of their rights, the sale of soft drugs - all this is standard for Amsterdam.Incest in the Netherlands is not just permitted.Law is here even recognize marriages between brothers and sisters.The only condition for the formalization of communication - age lovers.Th
e difference is it should not be more than eight years.
Switzerland.Country, allowing incest recently.Since 2010, in the best state with the highest level of life to change the law.An article about the criminal responsibility for this act suddenly disappeared from the Code than the public has led to resentment.
France.Whether to allow incest in this country - a controversial issue.The Civil Code prohibits marriage between close relatives since the XIX century.But the entry into sexual relations between consenting adults, held in kinship, the law no marks.Accordingly, it is considered a personal matter own steam.
Belgium.In this European country has banned forced marriages, forced factor is excluded a priori.But incest is considered a fact of everyday.
India.As a developing country, India does not prohibit incest as a form of relationship.In addition, there is not considered a factor of age, as is customary in civilized countries.
Azerbaijan.You can select this country as closest to Russia.Incest is allowed not only here but in many other countries of the East.This is particularly true of the situation in the village.Traditions prevail and marriage between cousins ​​is becoming the norm.Weddings are solemn.Distributed ritual demonstration of the sheets after the wedding night all relatives.