Russia was to ensure that joining the WTO, a long 18 years - so much time has elapsed waiting for a positive decision on the adoption of the country into the World Trade Organization.The world economy in the modern world is that countries belonging to the WTO, get a lot of benefits.Even the benefits received by inhabitants of these countries, as they have an access to the best products of the world at the best prices.Russia could join the WTO for a long time for various reaso
ns, among which were both political and economic.But the summer of 2012 the Russian Federation has become an official member of the WTO.
To understand what are the pros and cons of staying in the WTO, it is helpful to understand what it is all about.World Trade Organization now controls about 97% of world trade.Tasks of the organization are: to simplify global trade, improved economies of member countries and improving the welfare of all its inhabitants.These tasks provide some instructions are the same for all states.WTO membership to improve the economy, these instructions should be followed.
Among the benefits of Russia's WTO accession possible in the first place to call that Russia becomes a full member of the world trade.By the way, the Russian Federation entered into trade union from the country so-called "Big Twenty", with a noticeable delay.WTO - it markets all over the world, open to the Russian goods, as well as open access to foreign investors wishing to make an impact in the Russian economy.
also WTO - is to increase competition in any field.For example, unreasonably high interest rates on domestic credit products are partly due to the complete absence of competition from Russian banks.And many food produced in other countries are cheaper than those that can be bought in Russia.Accession to the WTO is forcing the economy to embark on modernization, which means that all domestic products will have to meet international quality standards.That is why WTO accession is particularly beneficial for ordinary people.
In addition to improving the quality of products, there are other advantages.Various imported goods, which today are quite expensive, will cost the customer cheaper, as their import duties on significantly reduced.Similarly, the Russian manufacturers will be able to enter the world market, as the export of goods from Russia will no longer do in a huge amount, making the final price of the products unprofitable for the implementation abroad.Among other things, participation in the WTO, improve the image of Russia in the world that affects all kinds of relations between our country and others.
But the decision to join the WTO, there are downsides.First of all, all the frightening fact that the enterprise and production in Russia will be a completely non-competitive, leading to their destruction.The absence of duties on imported goods can lead to the fact that the price of foreign goods in the domestic markets of Russia will fall, and the local production becomes unprofitable.Especially may suffer from this agricultural sector and automotive industry.The country's budget may be reduced from what would be exempt from import duties on import and export of goods.
To summarize, we can say that the WTO, as a litmus test will show the Russians how really good products they produce and consume.It may happen that the counterparts from other countries is much cheaper and better.If enterprises in Russia will not be able to withdraw their products at an acceptable level, they risk not withstand competition and go bankrupt.Yet, WTO accession, provided state support for domestic business, promises economic recovery and improved living standards for ordinary citizens.In any case, the results will not significantly earlier than in 5-8 years.