What political movement

Society - is not a homogenous mass of people.In it, there are different social groups that differ in place in public life and in their fundamental interests.The interaction of groups of people with the current government often leads to a clash of opposing interests.One of the goals of social activity of the masses is to protect their rights and freedoms, to express their views and influence government policy.These trends carry out political movements.

political movement - is a voluntary formation of citizens, which is massive and created on the initiative of the people themselves that make up its foundation.The movement is to bring people together with a common goal.It can be a struggle for peace
and the environment, opposition to the arms race, the protection of its national interests and the preservation of cultural identity.

Today, in many democratic countries around the world there is more than one hundred motions, some of which are in favor of human rights or the environment.Typically, different political movements and diversity of the social composition built on spontaneous self-government.Membership in a political movement is usually not provided.Guide provides an elected body formed on a collective basis.

activities of political movements is to organize a variety of shares.It may be rallies, marches, pickets, collecting signatures in support of a particular initiative.The political nature of this movement gives the desire to influence the decisions of the authorities.

Political parties

special place in the structure of society is occupied by political parties.The main difference between this type of organization of the movement lies in the fact that the parties are trying to conquer political power.Typically, such a goal directly prescribed in the policy documents.All the activities of the party aims to get the support of the majority of the population and enter to representative bodies.

Party usually have not only short-term goals, but also solve the problem long term.As a rule, the political party is not created on a temporary basis, and for the long term.The party has both central and regional organizations, a clear structure and, most importantly, a fixed membership.At any time, you can say with some accuracy how many people is this political organization.

political party has its own charter and ideological program.It becomes a community of people who have similar views on most of the social and political problems.Normally, the party members belong to the homogeneous social group or social class.But to achieve its political goals the party is seeking to expand its influence and enlist the support of other forces, which can go on temporary alliances and agreements with other political associations.