very important right mood to speak.During the preparation of the report or presentation, think about what a wonderful chance to discuss and share their achievements with colleagues you fell.The most interesting, useful and effective scientific and business acquaintances tied it at conferences.Think of how you act, how to react favorably your listeners how your jokes, laugh, listen attentively as the performance.
Consider the shape of the report.Perhaps it makes no sense to make a presentation, and restrict a flip chart, distribute materials to the hall, show a short video, photos.Optim
ize the amount of information it should be neither too much nor too little.If it is presented on the slides, they should not be too overloaded, and they can be taken at the frame rates that you have in mind.
laid plans performances.The text of his writing does not make sense.If you - in the subject, then you will not be difficult to speak coherently on the plan.To report to the audience did not seem too monotonous, and his perception was not difficult, think of the places where you can make a joke to defuse trainees.Try to stick to the rules.If you have allocated for it in the performance of 30 minutes, the report cook for 20-25 minutes, as the pad is inevitable.
Rehearse your presentation several times.Do not spend it after the report will be fully prepared.The first run had to be done on the outline of the report, you will be able to listen to myself and quickly adjust the content of the upcoming performances.
Check the contents of the slides and other materials.All of them should be visible and easy to read.Do not use in the design of texts and inscriptions are many different fonts, only three or two.Do not get carried away with flowers, their abundance also complicates perception.
Good night's sleep and relax before the show, you can take a walk before going to bed.For a couple of days before he go to the hairdresser, to the sports club.Be on the report of the fresh and energetic.Do not forget to bring a pen, business cards, notebook with written report or presentation, a copy of it on a flash card.
During his speech, constantly turning to the audience, maintain eye contact with him.Your tone and appearance should be helpful.Do not turn your back to the screen for a long time, you can only turn to him, as if inviting look.Not a tambourine monotonous, highlight important phrases intonations.You can ask rhetorical questions of the audience, not allowing her to relax.We hope that this scenario will take your statement with great success!