Feel free to their senses.Do not try to restrain myself in the unfortunate acts of kindness and to express comforting words to the victim.Remember that empathy may be expressed not only with words of compassion.If you do not find the right words, the condolences expressed by the fact that inner voice tells you.
Touch grieving.You can pat and shake his hand, hug, kiss, or even cry with the person who needs compassion.Expresses its sorrow and sympathy.So come condolence that are not closely related to the family of the deceased, or slightly communicated with him during his life.They can shake hands with the relatives of the deceased to the cemetery as a sign of
condolence .
Pick for only sincere condolence, comforting words and phrases.Reinforce these words, offering all possible assistance.By the way, this is the Russian tradition.Sympathetic to the woes of other people always understand that their good words without actions may seem dead, a mere formality.
pray for the deceased and grieving.You can send the note in the church.You can help around the house and in the organization of the funeral, this offer of help with the housework, and funeral arrangements.You can offer material assistance, as well as other forms of assistance.Your cooperation will reinforce condolences.This will facilitate the life of suffering from grief.Do not hesitate to take an interest in grieving.Ask what you can do for a person suffering from grief.This will make your sincere condolences.
Do not have a grudge against the man who'll bring condolences.It is an insult and innuendo hinder say kind and comforting words.In prayer, you have to forgive everybody, then the good words you can easily pronounce the.