If you have a desire to change their behavior - analyze the reason.Look at yourself from the outside, think about what you're doing wrong.Perhaps the reason of your misconduct lies in your lack of attention to people.Without it, a person often gets into awkward situations, of which it is difficult then to get out.Learn to be attentive to the views and needs of others.
Learn to respect people.Treat them as would like them to treat you.IeI never talk bad about people.Try to avoid even the negative thoughts.In conversation not interrupt the interlocutor, know how to listen.If you do not allow to speak - do not be offended and do not raise your voice.In the end, it's not you, but your partner behaves unworthily.
Stay in a society at ease.Quite often people because of their co
mplexes are lost when dealing with strangers, they have nothing to say or they say committed the stupidity.Then, the person develops a negative opinion of him spoken of as unworthy.And the reason may be only in its internal stiffness associated with the lack of communication.
To form communication skills make new acquaintances.More to read, especially classical literature.And constantly analyze what actions people make, and for what reasons.Learn goodies and learn from the experience of decent behavior in others.
in society respected people with a sense of humor.Use this rule only to be attentive to the themes of jokes.You should not sneer at personal characteristics of human - looks, voice, manner of dress.This may offend the interlocutor.
man who behaves with dignity, a sense of tact and different measures.Learn to feel the mood of the interlocutor, to reckon with the peculiarities of his character, and to find common language with him, not imposing their views.Be able to step back in time with its position and bring the matter before the conflict.The main thing is do all this sincerely.Your behavior is not worthy to be feigned.It should be a reflection of the inner attitude and self-esteem.